Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Branson's accident report...

Sorry I didn't say something in my previous posts.  Bran and his friend Jamison are fine, both had seat belts on, both no problems...  Bran may have a little back pain.    But other than a good scare and dose of reality, all is fine and we are getting the ford back as is and I think I can fix... Bran had a green turn arrow, and the guy in opposing straight thru traffic thought his light was green, but it was the turn arrow for the other side and he left and they collided... cops wrote the guy a ticket... so we will be shopping a cheap kids car and fixing the ford.. hopefully.  

Not too bad.

The steel exploder wins!!!!

Mother in front passenger no seatbelt head into windshield

Family of 5 ran red light and hit bran